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Our deepest fear…

I am reading, what is now, one of my favorite books.  It is by Marianne Williamson called, A Return to Love.   While I’ve followed Marianne for years, I have never read a full book by her.  I’m sure glad I did now.  It’s brilliant and allowed me to shift my thoughts, relationship to myself and God.  I’ve had so many ah-has and wow moments.  I’m sure I’ll share more about this (as I’m in the process of re-reading), but for now, I’ll share Steve and my favorite quote…it’s just too good to not share!


I’d love to hear what you think!  Please comment below.

In love and healing,



A quote that inspires me…

A quote I read a few months ago has come into my mind quite a few times over the last few weeks and I felt inspired to share it today.  Take from it what you will.  I seem to take something new from it each time.  I feel reading it over and over again has helped in healing and, simply, created food for thought.

I hope it inspires or ignites you too.

“All intimacy is rare – that’s what makes it precious.  And it involves the revelation of one’s self and the loving gaze upon another’s true self (no makeup, no fancy car no defensive charm, no seduction) – that’s what makes it so damn hard.  Intimacy requires honesty and kindness in almost equal measure ( a little more kindness, I think), trust and trustworthiness, forgiveness and the capacity to be forgiven….It’s more than worth it – just don’t let them tell you it’s bliss” – Amy Bloom, author

In love and healing,



A beautiful Sunset in D.C. I was able to capture.