All about Sera.

Sera Snyder is on a mission to use her voice, experience and passion for wellness to inspire healthy change. As a cancer survivor and woman in recovery from an eating disorder, Sera uses her life’s story to challenge the way we honor our personal health and overall wellness.
In 2009, following her first surgery to remove her tumor, Sera founded Running for Answers (RFA), a running event that brings together a community to raise money and awareness for desmoids.  The race, which takes place annually in Philadelphia, allowed Sera to take her passion of running to promote advocacy in the Desmoid community.  In 4 short years, RFA has raised over $900,000 for desmoid research and ignited a movement in this rare disease community.
Her story to build and grow this initiative has been featured in USA Today Health & Wellness, Men’s Fitness, on the Dr. Oz Show and CBS Philadelphia.
Sera currently lives in Washington D.C. and blogs weekly about her journey to health.  Sera is an advocate of a holistic approach to health and shares openly about how combining traditional and complementary therapies helps her thrive.  Her authenticity, vulnerability and compassion will make you love her, engage in her mission and inspire healthy change in your own life.

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  1. That’s amazing! 900,000$ for research! How did you do that? I want to do something like that for Cowden’s Syndrome….is it selfish that I’m raising money for my own? Should I not worry about myself and focus instead on raising money for rare disease research?

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