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I love to write.

I need to write.

I learn from writing.

I write in my journals and have since I was a child.

I write lists upon lists upon lists to make sure I am accomplishing all that I promise to or hope to.

I write to keep myself sane and to figure out solutions to everything going on in my life.


If it happened, I’m sure I wrote about it….and if I didn’t, it certainly happened again so that I had to write about it.

Writing is my problem solver, it’s my reminder, it’s my encourager.

There is something about putting pen to paper that changes everything for me.  When I let life sit in my head, it gets funky.  It gets distorted.  It doesn’t make sense, but when I give it some ink.  It all flushes out.  I have that aha moment I needed and solutions abound.

Are you tracking with me?

Outside of just writing for problem solving and reflection, I’ve taken a special interest in getting more specific and vivid about my dreams and goals the last few years.

At the start of every year, I write detailed, vivid dreams in the areas of love, health, work, money and relationship to self (which has evolved to spirituality for me) and then I re-write, re-work, update these dreams throughout the year and reflect on them at each year end.  I learned this process from my awesome coaches at the Handel Group, who I have been working with for the past 5 years, and it has changed the game for me.


My dreams come true.  And they blow me away.

This flat belly I now have post surgery.  Wrote about that before it happened.

This awesome man and relationship in my life.  Wrote about that and it happened.

The apartment I live in.  Wrote about that and it happened.

This spiritual journey I’ve been on.  Wrote about that.

Its an amazing process to journey through and it isn’t always perfect (sometimes its even better than I’ve dreamed) and other times the details are slightly different, but the magic is that it drives me to dream bigger, pray harder, believe more in the power of creating.

It helps to remind me that with God, I am an author of my life, not a victim of my life.  I can create with God.  I can live a beautiful, abundant life, but I have to be present, believe and create.

Some tips I use when writing my dreams/visions:

The dream is always present tense.  I am in it.

There is no negative digs at myself of things I want to “fix” about myself.  I am thriving.

I can feel what I am writing.  I know what feelings I want to evoke and I can feel them when I read it.


I am learning more each day about how important this practice is to me and how much is serves as an amazing guide in my life.

In a step of vulnerability, I’ll share my 2014 spiritual dream with you.  My dreams are very close to my heart and so personal, so please enjoy with love.

Here is my 2014 Spirituality dreams.  Praying for its full fulfillment.

God leads my life.  I honor and acknowledge His presence.  I trust His guidance.  I live guided by faith in His will for me.  I am a light that shows His love to others.  My vulnerability, authenticity, courage and love is a reflection of His traits in me.  My ability to follow faith, confidently and courageously live life with integrity to who I want to be, gives me great pride and joy.  I appreciate and recognize my charisma, generosity, genuineness and deep love for those in my life.  I embrace my heart, the joy in my life and all the happiness that flows through me and around me.  Silently, I meditate and receive love and healing.  The practice of prayer is a reprieve, guide,  and joy for me.  My heart is flooded with joy as I give and offer service regularly.

Do you write dreams?  Any tips?  Any dreams you dared to write that came true?  Please share in comments below (I really would love to hear from you).

In love and healing,




How I am healing…

It occurred to me today that I am 2 months out from having my abdominal wall reconstructed.  Two months from an answer to a prayer, a dream, a wish, I held so closely for the last 4 years – and at the core of my honesty, a prayer answered to a request I’ve placed in the Universe since my young childhood years.  That dream was to have a body I loved and was proud of.  I am here.  I  have so much pride and love for my body right now, in this moment and that is more healing than I could have ever imagined would come with this surgery.

I am not saying my body is perfect (which when I said I want to “have a body I loved” when I was younger was what I thought I wanted).  I am saying that I have a body that is perfect for me, that I am proud of and that I love.  I have a body that is resilient and strong and persistent and beautiful.  I have healed into this place.  It wasn’t just the surgery.  It has been the years of reflection and courage to look at the dark places of why I wanted to be perfect.  It has been the years of coaching and acupuncture, the years of imagery work with my great coach, the time I’ve spent in Program for my eating disorder and the long conversations with my friends, family and community of letting out the “shame” and blame that lived in my head about who I was, or, really, who I thought I was, and who I wanted to be.

I’m grateful for the tears and the pain, the uncomfortable moments of saying things out loud that I thought would embarrass and wound me to my very core.  I am grateful for the courageous people who have stood beside me, taken some of the whiplash of my pain and continued to cheer me on as I healed.  I am grateful for the moments of triumph too.  The moment I found Dr. Hoxworth and knew inside he was the right doc.  The day on the acupuncture table that I was no longer afraid to go back to my first surgery and heal the pain.  The many days when I shared with strangers the wacky relationship I have to my body and food and exercise.  The day that I took accountability for my role in a life long relationship that I played the victim in for way too long – what. a relief. to own my role and responsability .  The day I left finance and took a risk to follow some greater calling that I wasn’t 100% clear on, but knew it didn’t involve me, graphs, a cubical and/or Morningstar.  The day I decided to take a break from BOMF and stand up for what I believed was right.  The day I decided it was okay to hit publish on this blog AND send it to people to read!

All these times play into my healing – and still do.  They play into me being able to go into this surgery confident and ready, grateful and courageous.  They allow me to sail through this recovery with faith, trust, guidance and confidence.

So, how am I healing this week?  Well, more than once this week, I looked at myself in the mirror and said aloud (and confidently), “I love you just as you are.  You are beautiful.”  That’s how I am healing – and better progress than a Vitamin E, kale, walking or resting update I could ever give you this week.

In love and healing,