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Tips to get through difficult times.

What a gift I have been given to be a leader, a voice and a survivor in the desmoid community.

My journey, my recovery, that I was chosen to be the founder and leader of Running for Answers is a gift that I am grateful to have.

My experience with my diagnosis and recovery has helped me to grow up and become a new, different woman by teaching me about healing my body, mind and spirit, and now, I feel, it is a calling to help others in the same way.

Recently, I had the gift of being able to share with a newly diagnosed desmoid patient who is struggling through her journey right now.

My words helped me, again, and I hope they help you.  While this is my advice on journeying through a health diagnosis, I know it has also helped me through other difficulties this year including being a caregiver to someone diagnosed with cancer, watching loved ones die and watching a dream I thought was my future shift and change and die in a certain way.   May you take what you can from this list and apply it to any difficulty you may be facing:


An excerpt from my note to a beautiful desmoid survivor:
Here are a few things I can confirm:
This is confusing and scary and lonely.  Very lonely. 
It is frustrating and depressing and can make you very angry.
It is very difficult to see your body change and not to be as active as you once were.
It will get better.
You are going through this for a reason.
You will be active again.
Patience is the best approach you can have.  Hard, but true.
Lean on others for help.
Accept what is happening.  Be present.  It can be painful, but be present.  Don’t run.  Hear, Listen, Digest, then share.
Be kind to yourself and love your body through this.  It is doing a lot of healing work.  Pretty miraculous body.
Call me, call your friends, call your family – tell them how you feel.  Let it out.  It’s much better out then in.
Through it all remember again and again – you are not alone. Pray, believe, hope, accept.  You can get through this and you will.  Better, more alive and more grateful.
In love and healing,

My Community of Healers

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I love connecting people and I love helping people heal.   I literally live my life finding and connecting patients and the health professionals they need every day.  Thanks to a few good conversations with friends, a networking event and getting more into the swing of tasks at my job this week, it occurred to me that it is time to share with you some of the information I love to gather – in hopes that it might just help you in healing too.

I have been so fortunate to have had so many wonderful professionals help me at different points of this journey of healing and I’m sure I’ll have many more in the future.  They certainly didn’t just help with the physical journey of healing post-Zelda, either.  I recognized after my first surgery that my need for healing was deeper than just physical.  The big task at hand was the spiritual and emotional progress that I wanted to make.

I recognized quickly that finding the right practitioners can be difficult and I believe strongly in an integrated approach to all healing.  Luckily, for me, due to my frustration at trying to find the right docs, my job now is to find integrated practitioners and bring them together to best serve patients.  Its crazy that I get paid to do this.  It is really a joy.  I feel fortunate to know a lot about the variety of integrative practitioners available and how to find a good one, so today I share with you those that I personally use and where to find good ones if you don’t live near me.

I hope its helpful!

In love and healing,



Acupuncture:  Kara S. (Be ready for a woman with a big heart, lots of love, intuition and an ability to know just what is going on with your body any time!) http://healingwithease.net

Guided Imagery:  Bob S.  (Healing your body, spirit and mind one image at a time.  What a magic this practice is!) http://www.theinwardeye.com

My church:  God is my ultimate Healer and this church leads me to Him again and again. http://theaterchurch.com

Coaching:  Handel Group started my journey.  Taught me how to tell the truth, dream big dreams and enjoy the entire journey.  http://www.handelgroup.com/coaching/hg-life-coaching

Health Coach: Ali S. will turn your relationship with food and your body on its head and make you wonder why you ever counted a calorie in your life.  https://alishapiro.com

Running Coach: John so eloquently taught me that listening to your body and surprisingly taking baby steps leads to results – big results.  http://www.fixyourrun.com

Good places to find practitioners in your area:

Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine

I could go on and on and on.  If you need a specific integrated doc beyond these resources message me and I will be happy to help.

1st Celebrity Blog!

WOO HOO – My first celebrity blog….Read about my journey with my amazing health coach, Ali Shapiro:


If you’re looking for an answer to any health problem your having whether its looking to lose weight, make healthier decisions each and every time you eat or heal any discomforts that have been haunting you (diabetes, ibs, high cholesterol, ect) I highly recommend Ali. Check her out at www.alishapiro.com


Thank you, Ali, for all your hope and wisdom!

With Gratitude,