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Love is…

I heard this definition of love a few years ago and it was brought back to my attention recently and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I love it.  I do.

I’ve been reflecting on how to enact this definition – always – but I am failing pretty regularly.  I am also succeeding in many instances.

Love is...


Good Friday seems like the perfect day to share this definition and give you the opportunity to reflect upon it.

I hope it excites you and challenges you as much as it does me.

In love and healing,



New year – new me.


I took a month off from blogging…and I want to feel bad, but I can’t – sorry.  Not that you were checking to see if I wrote (well, some of you were as I have been scolded), but……:) I have been busy – being happy!   I just re-read my last entry and it amazes me to know how far I have come since my last post – AND it was ONLY a month ago – geez – how good life is to me 🙂 

Let’s start with the most fantastic news yet – I am unemployed as I write this – sounds awful, right 🙂 – could be, but instead it is for the most beautiful reason ever – I left my job in finance to follow my passion – Back on My Feet.  I am in the ‘week  in between’ phase – I start my new job next week!   

After a lot of soul-searching (I’m not gonna lie) and quite frankly, a lot of being honest with myself, I decided to be me, really live as the person I am  and stop being who I thought everyone wanted me to be.    I  know that for me, at the core of me, helping others be their own best self, gives me so much more in my life than any title or paycheck could give me.  It took a lot of self-reflection, goal setting and swallowing of pride to get to this point, but I feel free – so free to be me and I love it.  2010 is so exciting for me and I am coming into the year so happy and so excited to execute on so many goals.  

2009 was such an empowering year for me and I wouldn’t have changed my highs or lows for anything.  I have realized what a blessing Zelda was for me and I am so grateful for the journey the little devil tumor put me on 🙂  I am such a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I am 100% sure that Zelda happened for a reason – to teach me so many life lessons – and has it ever, changed my life and who I am.  I live my life now instead of being a prisoner of my life and the circumstances.  I understand that I am the author of my life and that everything that happens to me is MY CHOICE.  Living this way is so empowering and gives me the freedom to be everything I want to be and to CREATE my own future through my choices – love it. 

So, it’s a little scary, but I am continuing to do things that scare me this year – simply put I plan on living pretty big this year and setting out to conquer some pretty big goals – starting with working in a fulfilling career.  I also start school at IIN in less than a month (!!) and I am so excited to take the next step in my healing process – that of really learning to understand my body and my health.  

So, here’s to a new year and a new…errrr, I mean…better me (cause I kind of like who I am – no need to start over new)! Cheers! 

With gratitude, 


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