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Healthy Travel Tips

My life is offering me the opportunity to travel a lot these summer months….again.

While I used to love the idea of flying all over the world and seeing lots of places, right now, home seems like the only place I want to be.  I love VA.  I love spending time with Steve.  I love going to the farmers market.  I love runs around inspiring monuments. And I love making it to church each week.

However, if I do travel.  I know I need to maintain an even higher level of self care than when home.  It has to be at the top of my life.  It is red self-care alert time for me and I honor that.

I’ve spent time in an ER doing travel escapades before because of dehydration and, well, basically running myself ragged.  I’ve travelled week after week for my job in the past only stopping in to change clothes in my bag.  While I never want to do that again, I’ll always be an adventurer, so I will always travel.


As I prepare for 3 weeks on the road, I thought I’d let you into how I pack, prepare and enjoy my adventures while keeping myself healthy:

1. I block off time in my calendar to pack.  I need to focus and not forget a thing.  I make a list, grab my suitcase, turn on some great music and prepare (usually two days in advance).

2. I find the local whole foods.  I put the address in my calendar and I block off time to go and get the food I need as soon as I get where I’m going.  I need healthy food, lots of water and WF is familiar, which feels good to me when I’m in new places.

3. I pack my food for my flight/train/ect.  I pack snacks and meals that I need until I get there.  I hate the feeling of being stuck with airport food.  No go for me.

4. I buy water, BIG water bottles, as soon as I get to the airport/train station.

5. I bring my journal, several books and new music.  Love to write. Love to read.  Love to listen to inspiring music.  I download new music before I go and, new for me, download onto my kindle app.  Sad for my paper books to go good-bye, but I can take so much more reading with me.

6. I block on my workouts on my calendar.  Keeping my running and workouts steady (sometimes even more) makes me feel better, shake out the travel gook and refresh me.  (I often ask hotels for running maps.  Many times they have them and if not, they love to share)

7. NEW:  Recently, I ‘ve been buying candles and taking them with me to refresh the hotel room.

8.  I map out my time.  This is for long trips (note: I did it for the coming weeks).  I create a spread sheet of time zones, where I’ll be, when and when I can sleep, workout, shop for food, ect.

9.  I ask others how they do it.  My friends tell me and I get tips from leaders I follow.  Like these:

Kris Karr Quick & Easy Travel Tips

Danielle Laporte Travel Tips

10.  I enjoy, I get present, I take in the local scene, take lots of pictures and enjoy.


You can be healthy, at your best self-care and travel.  I promise.  It just takes some prep and promise to yourself.

I hope your summer adventures are fun, fabulous and leave you feeling better than ever.  Its possible, I promise.

In love and healing,

Sera Fiana


Tips to get through difficult times.

What a gift I have been given to be a leader, a voice and a survivor in the desmoid community.

My journey, my recovery, that I was chosen to be the founder and leader of Running for Answers is a gift that I am grateful to have.

My experience with my diagnosis and recovery has helped me to grow up and become a new, different woman by teaching me about healing my body, mind and spirit, and now, I feel, it is a calling to help others in the same way.

Recently, I had the gift of being able to share with a newly diagnosed desmoid patient who is struggling through her journey right now.

My words helped me, again, and I hope they help you.  While this is my advice on journeying through a health diagnosis, I know it has also helped me through other difficulties this year including being a caregiver to someone diagnosed with cancer, watching loved ones die and watching a dream I thought was my future shift and change and die in a certain way.   May you take what you can from this list and apply it to any difficulty you may be facing:


An excerpt from my note to a beautiful desmoid survivor:
Here are a few things I can confirm:
This is confusing and scary and lonely.  Very lonely. 
It is frustrating and depressing and can make you very angry.
It is very difficult to see your body change and not to be as active as you once were.
It will get better.
You are going through this for a reason.
You will be active again.
Patience is the best approach you can have.  Hard, but true.
Lean on others for help.
Accept what is happening.  Be present.  It can be painful, but be present.  Don’t run.  Hear, Listen, Digest, then share.
Be kind to yourself and love your body through this.  It is doing a lot of healing work.  Pretty miraculous body.
Call me, call your friends, call your family – tell them how you feel.  Let it out.  It’s much better out then in.
Through it all remember again and again – you are not alone. Pray, believe, hope, accept.  You can get through this and you will.  Better, more alive and more grateful.
In love and healing,