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Soooo…….. I have a confession to make and I just need to get it out! I did not reach my training goals this week and I am not happy or proud of this at all! I have been dragging a little this week. My body was tired and I have had a busy week that left my timing nothing short of very hectic. Due to this I cut 2 of my runs short this week and missed one completely this morning. When I woke up I thought there was no way I could possibly move my body. You know the feeling when your alarm goes off your jolted out of your sleep you recognize that you need to turn the alarm off and swing your feet onto the floor but your mind and body just aren’t in the same place – your mind is saying go and your body is saying no-way, I can’t move from here? That was me this morning. My body was exhausted. I tweaked my hip somehow this week too and it was screaming for rest and so I gave it just that – an extra 2 hours of rest.

This whole resting ’cause my body is telling me that is what it needs, but in the interim wrecking my training process to take the rest has me a little confused – did I do the right thing or no? Should I have pushed myself or listened to my body’s needs? I made up for not doing the run by going to an intense weight training class later in the day, but is that an okay substitute? I guess we’ll see when I take on my biggest challenge of 10 miles in the morning. I am so excited! I bought a new water bottle that clips to my pants today to help keep me hydrated. I realized last week that I am not treating my body as well as I should be on my longer runs. I need to hydrate more and eat something small before I leave (if I am doing an a.m. run) – at least half a banana. I wasn’t this nice to my body pre-surgery. If I would have had an ailing hip I would have just continued to run until it got so bad I couldn’t move and I would have never thought to worry about hydrating this amazing body of mine. It’s the small victories I realize now. You only get one body, so you better take care of it – lesson learned!

So, I’ll be up with the sun tomorrow getting my 10 miles in. Looks like it will be a sloppy, wet one again – I’ll take it! At least its not scorchin’ hot!

Wish me luck!

With gratitute,