I believe…

What do you believe about each new day?

I have realized that for me, if I don’t chose my thoughts, life choses default thoughts that don’t serve me well.

Due to this, each morning, before my day gets away from me, I write truths to guide me through the day.  These short, yet powerful statements, encourage, inspire and confirm for me grounding beliefs that lead me through the day and my life.

I thought I would share a truth I wrote from this week along with a beautiful picture of fall in Virginia that was captured at dinner this week.  I love watching the trees changing, the seasons moving and remembering that life is all about seasons and change.  I am learning to lean into and accept change, honor it and embrace it in a new way.  Today, I believe that change is good and healing and freeing.

I hope it gives you encouragement, inspiration and grounding too!

In health and healing,

Sera Fiana



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