My morning routine.


Recently in conversation with friends I was reminded of how powerful my morning routine is and how impactful it is for my life and how grateful I am for the habits I have created.  I couldn’t imagine starting my day without each part of my morning routine.  It sets me up for success each day.  I’m grateful for the calm, peace and grounding it brings me so I can attack whatever it is I have to do.

It took me awhile to get my routine just right and it’s still a work of art, but I thought I’d share the things that have to happen, everyday for me and sets me up for great success and giving me a feeling of power, gratitude and focus.  Maybe you will find a few that you can add and maybe you’ll just find yourself asking how does this crazy girl keep this all up.  Answer:  It was a process of adding 1 by 1, patiently.:

Daily devotional.  Before my feet hit the ground.  I pick up a word that inspires me, teaches me, reminds me why I am here.  I move back and forth between the youversion bible app devotionals, first 5 app and/or a devotion book I might have picked up like, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkhurst.

Prayer.  I have a time of prayer and gratitude with God.  Every morning. Thanking him for what He has given me and talking with Him about my day and the things on my heart.  Also, praying for others in my life.  Praying for others is so powerful and brings such joy.

Breakfast.  It’s funny to me now that my Mom made such a BIG deal about breakfast when I was younger, yet I made fun of her and often left the food behind when heading to school.  Now, skipping breakfast is a no-go.  My blood type is O, my blood sugar is a high maintenance swinging pendulum that you don’t want to make cranky and I know how important it is to break the fast from the nights sleep.  My go-to is protein and veggies, usually eggs or chicken sausage and some sautéed spinach, broccoli or cauliflower (pre-steamed earlier).  I cook it all in coconut oil.  Yum!  Green tea for me too and, of course, this cancer surviving, thyroid managing gal, I slug my vitamins to keep me ticking.

Daily intentions.  Daily I send an email of intentions of what I want to happen in my day.  I call is my daily design.  Its fun to co-create and set up for success.  I check in on goals I am working on/promises to myself, like working out 5 days a week, writing 15 minutes a day, calling my Mom once a week (at least), and cheering on my teammates at least once a month.  I have LOTS of promises to myself, that’s just some of them.  When I break them, I have clean up rules too.  It’s a fun game that keeps me aware and in it.

Workout!  I work out at least 5 days a week.  Its been a shorter workout over the last 9 months as I recoup from the thyroid and abdominal reconstruction.  I run/bike/roll on the foam roller, stretch and sweat.  I also do weight training twice a week and some body resistance.  My body needs to move in the a.m.  Type O blood type means I love to move.  It is also moving meditation for me and gets my mind straight.

Shower.  Clean up.  Get ready to go.

It feels quite odd to not start my day this way.  It’s slightly different on the weekends, just different times for the things, but I typically don’t miss one step!  It took me awhile to get here, but I am so grateful for the routine.  Its healing, its grounding and so spiritual – aligning me with God and my best self.

How do you start you day?

In health and healing,

Sera Fiana


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