How I am healing…

What an incredible year it has been.  As I come up on a year since I came back to blog, I stop….I reflect. I have so much gratitude and I know I couldn’t do it without God.

This week I had my last session with my physical therapist.  A mixed bag of emotions as I love her.  Love this woman.  She is an angel from God and a healer on earth and she changed the game for me.  She listened, she healed my heart along with my belly.  She was patient and kind and I am so strong and thankful for all of that.

My check list from last year to this week.  So cool!

My check list from last year to this week. So cool!


Secili, my PT, and I in the “healing room” Praise God for her!

























I also had a final check-up with my nutritionist and 12 pounds later – we’re on a good path.  Healing my thyroid was a key for me and pretty incredible that it was never caught before.  I’ve also continued a very clean, well-maintained, diet and it works great for me.

Back to running.

Back to feeling good.

Always loving the God who makes it happen.

I didn’t start out this journey as a blog about God and my spirituality and I am surprised by the progression, but what I realize is, I did start this out as a blog about healing.   At first it was for my stomach and now I realize that all healing is spiritual, and all healing, for me and my beliefs, comes from God, and all is miraculous.  What happened in my life in the last year is a miracle.

Amazing. A miracle.  You agree?

What you do know is that I had my reconstruction and fought back from that over the last year.  The 3rd surgery in 5 years.  Across the country.  With a kick-ass doctor.

You also know that shortly after my surgery, my Mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and I am walking through that.  Surgery. Chemo. Radiation later.  She’s a healing rockstar.

What I haven’t shared is that in December my Grandfather died and recently, a few weeks ago, my Grandmother died.  Two amazing people who lead both sides of my family.  Two people who left very sudden and unexpected.  Two of the first losses in my life.

My beautiful Grandmother and me about 8 years ago.  Grateful for her and missing her.

My beautiful Grandmother and me about 8 years ago. Grateful for her and missing her.


What you need to know is that I survived.  I survived all poised, loved, heart in-tact, free from turning to my pain covers (food, exercise, drama, worry, pity, fear).  I cannot, in no human power, could have gotten through this without falling apart without God. I turn everything over to Him every day – food, worry, fear, indecision, sorrow, life. He leads, he guides, he heals, he lifts, he loves fiercely.

So, a check in on how I’m healing.  I am. He is. We are.  That’s how.

Miracles abound here.

And I am so grateful.

In love and healing,

Sera Fiana



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