In awe.

I am in awe.

Respectful fear and wonder. I hold in my heart.

This year has been, on paper, in theory, one of the most difficult of my life: I had reconstructive surgery, across the country on my stomach and had to rehab my way back for the majority of the year, my beautiful mother was diagnosed and went through treatment for breast cancer, my grandfather died, and my grandmother recently died…and weaved through this story is me learning how be comfortable in love after having a wounded heart (no small feat) and leading my team to excellence while living remotely as I navigated all of this.

I am in awe because of how God led me and continues to lead me through all of this.

It has been one of the most magical, beautiful years of my life because people were courageous, bold and loving enough, obedient enough to encourage me in my way with Christ. To tell me the truth about him and to lead me to my Salvation.

God leads and I follow.
It’s simple.
If I surrender.
I can relax into crisis and difficulty.
I am in awe.
Every day. And I hope I am that way for the rest of my life. I pray for that.

I hope I always rest in the Lord….
Because if it feels this glorious during crisis. I can only imagine what it’s like during triumph.

Thank you to those that pursued and prayed and believed in my relationship with Him. You know who you are.

Thank you God for loving me so fervently, so fiercely, so gently.

In love and healing,




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