I’m thinking about miracles.

What they are…

Where they’ve shown up in my life…

And how they come to be.

I’m thinking about miracles because I was reminded of them this weekend.

I was reminded that miracles are what God does.

Which reminded me of a definition I heard of miracles before:  a shift from fear to love.

I was also reminded this weekend that while miracles are  good to pray for…..it’s also important to not pray and focus on the next miracle in your life while forgetting to  live and praise the one your already have.

I think I can say a lot about miracles in just a few words:









Here’s how the idea of miracles play out in my mind, right now.

I hear miracle:

Immediately, I think of my beautiful scar on my belly and how amazing a gift that is – a constant, for the rest of my life, reminder of the miracle that He gave me.  Healing of my body.  This is an immediate thought.

Then, after meditating on this, I realized that I am busy BUSY right now waiting for the next miracle instead of focusing, appreciating, praising all that are around me.

I’m so BUSY wishing, hoping, waiting for the next miracle that I sometimes forget how right now, in this moment, in this life, I am living a miracle.

A year ago, my stomach was healed, I flew to TX, faithfully, to have my stomach healed, which also spiritually healed me in so many ways (this is the obvious).   BUT, then I also see the miracles of everyday life.  Of how I have lived in DC, a year and a half ago that was just a dream with no idea how I would get here or what that would look like, I am here in an apartment I love.  I have beautiful, loving, amazing, real, life-long friends, who I cannot believe I’ve only know for a year.  I love my job when 5 years ago – I loathed, had no idea where to go what to do….and Steve in my partner in life, yes, God stepped in when it seemed impossible and worked a miracle.

What I was reminded with this reflection?

When God gets involved healing happens, physically, mentally, emotionally…if you’re willing to give it to Him, trust Him, praise Him and live in faith.


My point.  Be present.  See the miracles around you.  Even if they are small, so tiny you don’t think they’re a miracle.  And I bet more will show up all around.  I am.  Because it’s a constant reminder of the good, the love, the light in my life.
















What are your miracles?

In love and healing,

Sera Fiana


1 Comment

  1. Amanda Gray says:

    Sera, my late pastor used to say that “coincidences are small miracles where God chooses to remain anonymous”. Think of all the times that we’ve said to ourselves, “well, that was a coincidence”, when really they should be considered God’s silent miracles. And you’re right… they are all around us every day.

    This baby inside me, is God’s miracle.

    Every day we wake up in the morning still alive is a miracle.

    This book inspiration I have, is not my own… It’s a miracle in itself. 🙂

    Thank you for posting this.


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