Things that inspire me…this week

I’ve been holding onto this post for a few days as I couldn’t quite figure out how to post while on vacation and on my iPad (funny that I figured it out while drugged and in the hospital on my iPad a few months ago :)), but these items still inspire me, so I share from last week.  More love to come soon:


Feeling grateful this week and being inspired by several things that have been passed to me from beautiful friends.

First, this song, shared with me by a dear friend.  I am in love with the peace it brings to me.

Second this woman’s story and testimony so moved me this week, shared by a friend, I share with you.  If you can get to this page on Facebook, please post from 5/15/2014:
Karing for Katheryn

ALL THE CLINICAL TRIALS the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation is currently funding and how CLOSE we are to a cure.

AMAZING what a small community of dedicated individuals can do.

Finally, I am reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and love this quote that begins this blog. She begins this insightful book with this passage. May this all inspire you as it does me.


In love and healing,



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