Gratitude and Praise.

This week is full of gratitude and praise for me.  I am so grateful for this healing journey and how well my body is responding to all movement forward.  My energy is increasing and that fills me with so much hope.

This entire journey I have practiced speaking my gratitude and – wow – it has given me so much back.

Do you tell the people that you appreciate – thank you?

My vote is that you should.

I still email my surgeon regularly “thank you” for all he’s done for me.

I thank my acupuncturist for stepping outside the box and doing what needs to be done for patients to heal.

I thank my nutritionist for, well patience and guidance and love through all my days.

I thank my Dad for being a great support – for loving, caring and being one of the most compassionate people I know.

My Mom for being willing to be there for anything (no matter what she is going through).

I thank Steve for being the most caring, patient, faithful pillar of strength I could ask for in a partner.  And for his unconditional love. Powerful.

My sisters for being awesome and teaching me about myself always.

My friends for listening and loving.

And…I thank my body for being patient with all I have been through and I practice gratitude for how strong and resilient my body is.

And, of course, I thank God for all the healing He has done over me and for all He continues to bless me with.



The beauty about gratitude is as you give it, you get so much back.  When you say thank you, watching another receive that is so beautiful to me….and I didn’t start off saying thanks for that, and I still don’t, but wow, what a gift it is.

Today, I am grateful.  Grateful for healing and hope….and you.  Thanks for reading.

Go, ahead, thank someone today.  You’ll be grateful you did, I promise.

In love and healing,




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