Giving Thanks…

Grateful Scrab

I am pretty grateful this year.

I certainly have a lot to be grateful for.  I am not sure I have more to be grateful for this year verses in years past or if its simply because I’ve experienced such significant shifts in my life this year, that my awareness of what I have is tilted up just a notch.  Either way, it feels good to recognize and feel this gratitude.

So, as we roll out of the Thanksgiving weekend…. here’s my list of the top things I’m giving thanks for right now:

My health – I’m still amazed everyday at how much my body has healed in one year.  I am healthy and healing and so grateful for this amazing body that just takes my beatings and keeps on going.  I am grateful for Dr. Hoxworth and Laura for leading me to Dr. H, for my Mom and Dad and sisters that took care of me during recover from my surgery (and since the day I was born, if I’m honest), for Steve who has been my rock through the entire process, for Secili that is such a gift to my life right now in keeping me focused, strong and faithful in my recovery, and for my love, compassion and desire that God brings to my heart to know that I can get even better and that I am  – everyday.

My Family – I have such a loving, caring, giving, compassionate family that I have taken for granted for way too long.  This year, I sing gratitude for all they are and all they have given me – time, patience, love, support, courage and wisdom.  Grateful.

Steve – This man is amazing and I feel incredibly fortunate that God has brought him into my life.  His patience, compassion, drive and courage makes me a better person everyday.

My home – I love living in VA, from the actual roof over my head, my apartment, to the area I live, with its history and fun places to explore to the people, the community, I’ve had the fortune to meet here and spend my time with….I don’t think Virginia is ever going to get rid of me.  I’m grateful for this home.

God – My gratitude for the patience and guidance and love that God graces me with everyday no matter what I accomplish or don’t accomplish no matter how much I have or have not glorified him in the past.  I am learning about the volumes of gratitude I owe to God (umm, my entire life) and I am grateful for this process.  Without God none of this list would even be possible and I am eternally grateful that I learned that this year.

Friends – I am so grateful for my girlfriends that listen with such open hearts, speak with such wisdom and ignite the passion in my heart.

gratitute prayer

And……I’m grateful for you.  I’m grateful you read this and care to share in my life.  You may or may not have noticed that it takes a lot for me to write and speak and get this out, but I’m grateful that when I do…you’re still here, reading.  Thank you for cheering me on even if you never say a word.

In love and healing (and gratitude),




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  1. lmechenb says:

    Your blog post made me tear up with joy. I am so grateful for you as well, Sera! You have been an amazing friend to me and I am so glad that God brought us together. Thank you for all your support and kind words. I pray God continues to heal our bodies. 🙂

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