Why I write..

Why do I write here every week and share with you?  For me, this is a question I need to keep answering for myself.

As I stated in my last post, I am on a mission to find my voice, tell my truth and express it.  I will always be on a journey to do this and a part of why I write.  Another reason I write is to share my journey through a difficult medical diagnosis with my desmoid tumor.  I do this, 1. to create open space for others to relate, who share a similar difficult journey and 2. selfishly, to heal the frustration and anger that comes with this journey for me.

As important, and becoming even more clear to me is to share my not so typical approach to healing through integrated care that most people in America do not have the knowledge or means to engage in when they are healing.  I believe this was CRITICAL to getting to where I am today.

Watching the flurry of Healthcare headlines the last few days has made me realize, yes, the American Healthcare system failed me when I was diagnosis with my tumor, but not because of what the chatter is now.  Not because of my insurance, whether I had it or didn’t.  I actually had great insurance and access to the best medical facilities and still do.*

The industry failed me in my HEALING, in my return to health.  The system failed to see me as a whole person.  The system failed to help me get the right help for the suffering I was going through – and that help, which was paramount to overall health, was NOT covered by my insurance, problem 1, and not accepted or recommended by many of my doctors (until I fired them and got new ones), problem 2.  

The HEALING I am talking about is from the emotional stress that came from the diagnosis.  The HEALING I am talking about is the nutritional needs my body had from the start of this journey (and before).  The HEALING I am talking about is from the eating disorder I had – many of my doctors noticed it from early on, but none referred me to specialist or (Imagine this) a FREE 12 step program.  The HEALING I am talking about is the rebuilding of my body after surgery.  The healing I am talking about is of the symptoms under the “problem” that were never addressed by the traditional system.  The HEALING I am talking about is emotional and spiritual and physical, its holistic, and I am a whole person trying to heal.

I don’t know the answer of  how to fix this problem, but I have my experience and what works for me and my healing.  The more I can put into words what I experienced and the more I can hear “me too” from fellow survivors, the more I am starting to understand why I write.  

I write to heal.  

Originally, I wrote to heal myself and it has been a great tool and worked well.  However, as I progress, I am writing to help heal others and use my story to do that.  I see the need for this, again, as I walk with my Mother on her journey now.    

I’m still not sure what that means and how I will use my voice to continue to voice these concerns, but stick with me.

I’m on a mission….and if you know me, you know that will mean big things. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this – please share.

In love and healing,


 *Note: I do not under estimate this problem in our healthcare system and will not attempt to tackle it, but what I will express is how the system failed me.


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  1. lmechenb says:

    Beautifully written! I completely agree with you. I too felt the healthcare industry failed me and I have issues trusting healthcare practitioners because of that. I am so glad you are spreading your message and you are in inspiration, Sera! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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