What a success RFA was again this year!  What a joy to have this as a part of my life and story.

I am still glowing in the post-event gratitude of RFA and reflecting back on the joy and love it brings to my heart and the hearts of so many.  I am grateful to celebrate over 700 runners and $350,000 raised this year.  I would not have allowed myself to imagine 4 years ago that this race would impact the lives of so many and raise $800,000 to take DTRF to another level.  That kind of greatness and success would have been too scary to put out to the world.  Creating and watching the story of this race is changing me.  It is changing my faith, my heart, my ability to dream and envision and its changing my heart.


I believe the success of RFA is proof that God does great things and when you are connected and aligned with His vision for you incredible successes materialize.  I’ve heard many of my mentors and those I admire speak on this idea in the past and I see the truth in it now.  Whatever your belief is for your Higher Power, I believe when you align closely with this source, great things are poised to happen.  RFA has been a labor of love, yes, but its also flowed easily and abundantly without much heartache or struggle.  In other areas of my life where I have pushed and pushed and driven for success, I have not seen results like I have with RFA.   The money raised is a result of people coming together and collaborating, yes, but its so much more than that.

Check out Pat C. and I talking RFA on CBS Philly!


Ask anyone that comes to the event and they will agree that there is a inspiring feeling and love in the air.  I believe this is the gift of something so much bigger than all of us, the gift of God lifting and guiding all of us as we come together.


I’m grateful for those that support this event and make it possible.  For those that believe in the impact year after year by donating and coming.


I am grateful.

In love and healing,




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