Faith, courage and wisdom.

Wow, God is good.  Miracles are happening in my life and I feel so honored to feel the flow of miracles and the work happening in my life now, so I share.

I am home, safe in VA, and the flow of abundance and joy, gratitude and love, just keeps pouring over me.  To say my flight home experience was wonderful, might be undercutting it.  All flights were on time, my layover was perfect as I had time and just the right distance to get up and walk to stretch my legs (and belly) and my sister, Erin, was patiently waiting on the other side.  Saying good bye to Syna, although hard, was confidently seamless this time.  I felt grateful for the time I spent in her beauty and ready to take what her and her family gave me and come home.

Since getting back to VA, I have been reminded and showered with the great friendships I have here and in Philly.  I am grateful for time spent with my girlfriends, both in person and via FaceTime.  What a blessing.


Mostly, I am feeling the power of God working in my life and showing me that all things can be healed, physically, mentally, emotionally by asking for it and surrendering to Him.  

I was sharing with a friend this week that having others pray for me and asking others to pray for me through this journey has been such a test of Faith for me and a dance with vulnerability.  By asking for prayers, I have been telling others that I cannot and do not want to do this alone, that I need others strength and that I believe in a higher power than myself, God.  I have struggled to open up to both of these beliefs for most of my life.  I believed that I could handle anything and that my “strength” could fuel me through any pain I encountered whether it be with men, my relationship with my body or my career.  Isolating and believing in doing this alone with out support due to the shame and embarrassment I felt only left me lonely and in more pain, yet, I did this again and again in fear of “being seen.”  I am grateful that I am allowing myself and my “shame” to be seen because it doesn’t feel like shame any more and the more I face it the more I feel God holding my hand saying, “Please continue to walk through this with me.  I got you.”  

Letting others pray for me and be a part of this has blown my mind by listening to what they pray for.  People have prayed for things I could not even imagine.  The first being prayers for my physical recovery, my stomach muscles to completely come back together, get stronger and rebuild.  WHAT?!, this can not happen, its not possible, they clearly do not know that muscle does not grow back and I am down 2.5 muscles from my 6 pack, was my first thought when someone prayed this for me.  Can I tell you, as I sit here and write this, this is the truth of what has happened.  My stomach muscles have been completely pulled back together and are getting stronger each day.  I will run again with full strength.  I will have full core strength again, I know it.  Others prayed for emotional strength and healing and Faith to be shown to me during this time and wow, has it.  My faith has grown and my desire to control has dissipated and it is so freeing.  I am not perfect in this yet, but I am at the perfect spot for me.

I am blessed, I feel grateful and I am growing.  I have a new foundation of faith, courage and wisdom that I am living from and it is awesome.

Yesterday, I heard a song at church that touched me so deeply, so in closing today I say my favorite lyrics…I hope that touch you as they have me.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.  Let me walk upon the waters, whereever you would call me.  Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my Faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Saviour.”

In love and healing,




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  1. Lisa says:

    Sera, I’m truly glad that you’re doing so well. After fighting for so long, I tend to “let it all hang out.” You remind me that there is a certain – admirable – grace in keeping things a little closer to the heart. Thanks for letting us in on your thoughts and your very strong spirit.

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