What’s right?

I started writing on Friday, but something really important came up with one cute little girl, so I was distracted and haven’t been back to finish. I think we had to paint our nails or listen to JB, not sure, but I know I had fun! I am back now and checking in feeling so great.

I had a slight change in plans last week and as you can tell, I am still in Oklahoma. Some unexpected, significant pain on Tuesday kept me from getting on my flight last Wednesday. I was fortunate to have both my sisters looking out for me. Syna here in OK helping me figure how to get some relief from the pain and Erin in PA, ready to pick me up, helping to guide me as to what to do and when to reconsider coming home. Thanks to some faith, resting and, eventually, a nice woman at the airline company, I am feeling much better and scheduled to come home this week same time, same flight. In this change up I was able to take my niece and nephew to their first day of school and treat them to after school snow cones. I’d say I got a pretty good deal!

This whole experience and a timely email from a great leader I follow got me thinking about what I am doing right in this journey, what I am proud of in my life now and where I am making progress. Each day I am getting stronger and stronger. I commented to my sister this a.m. how wild it is to see how my movements, my speed and my endurance improve each day. My strides get wider, my movements quicker and I am able to stay out walking or watching the kids longer. Its really wonderful to watch my body heal. I believe I am healing really well and fast because of several things I am doing right. First, I have a great attitude about it. I am grateful for this experience, the healing that is going on and really proud of how strong my body is. Second, I’m feeding my body the right things in the right amounts. I am eating all whole foods, lots of smoothies, veggies, fruits and high quality protein. Third, I am walking regularly throughout the day. I am up to 7,000 steps a day, 4-5 walks and it feels good. I am always sure to walk after I eat to help digestion too. Finally, and very important, I am listening to my body. Not getting on the flight is a great example. Resting when I know I need to rest and walking when I know I need to walk. I’m proud of the progress I am making and realize its one day at a time. Each day is not perfect, but the more things I do right the better I feel – progress not perfection.

I am preparing to wrap up my westward bound journey Wednesday and I am so grateful for all its been. I’m excited to get to the east coast and see my friends and family and hopefully get a little break from this “dry heat”! 🙂

Please send me prayers, love and light for a comfortable journey home Wednesday morning.

In love and healing,



  1. Marlene says:

    You are inspirational, motivational and inspiring!!!! Thank you for the updates and I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you are on your way home.

  2. Samantha Sutton says:

    So beautiful, sera. I am glad you didn’t get on the plane, and have learned how to listen to your body…. deeply.

    You are doing so great, Chica! S

    Sent from my iPhone

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