RFA fun facts!

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I originally started this blog in 2009 as a place to track my progress for an idea I had to run a half marathon to raise money for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (DTRF). It was my journey back to running post desmoid surgeries and I called it, Running for Answers (RFA). Little did I know then that I would blossom this idea, with a few great friends, from my personal run in 2009 to a 5k event in 2010 that would bring together people from all over the U.S. and raise almost half a million dollars for DTRF over the next few years. It’s fun to look back to the start of this blog now and see the innocence I had, the determination, and the highs and lows of the journey.

A few things you might not know about RFA’s history:

1. Philadelphia Distance Run (half marathon) is the race I ran and called RFA in 2009
2. The 5k event started as a conference call with 4 survivors and 5 of my closest friends
3. The inaugural event of RFA in 2010 had 300 runners and raised $60,000 and last year had 750 and raised $250,000
4. The event changed from a 5 miler to a 5k in 2011 due to space in Philly
5. The stick figure in the RFA logo was designed by my nephew in 2009 for my t-shirts for the half marathon. He lives in Oklahoma and I wanted his love as a part of the race since he could not be there. One phone call and the logo I hold so dear to my heart was born.

This year I chose to step back from leadership and the fundraising of RFA to focus on my health and I’m glad I did because it gave me time to focus on my health, find a solution and doctor to chronic health issues I had since my desmoid removal and just relax and reflect on this journey.

Now as I recover from surgery, I want to continue to have a great presence at RFA this year, so I am aiming at 50 members for Team Zelda and $10,000 raised. I cannot run, but hope to walk, if God is willing by then. Like 5 years ago, I’ll track my progress here on this blog.

I hope you will join me by running, walking or donating.

Click below to join:


In love and healing,

P.S. I would love if you’d comment and tell me how RFA has impacted you or your family. Is there a fun fact about your experience with RFA or DTRF that you want to share?



    • serafiana says:

      Hey, love! It’s Sept 29 and there is a kids run fun! Bring the little ones. We have super Heros, games and a face painter and its at the please touch museum, so lots to do after!

      Just sign up via my page (link in blog) and you can ask people to donate to that page to. Let me know if you need more help.

      I would love to see you!


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