I am checking in from Oklahoma and feeling blessed to spend so much time with my sister and her family this week. Connection with those that you love is so healing and powerful. I am so grateful for this time and the amazing family that I have. This certainly is a theme of this entire part of my journey and recovery. I wouldn’t be able to have done (or be doing) what I am without my family and friends and I just cannot recognize that enough. Their support, love and caring since I was first diagnosed until now has been something I wish, hope, dream that everyone feels in their life, but sadly know it is not true. From just standing beside me in the pain and supporting me in making the decisions to get treatment and which ones to get, to just listening when I needed to talk when I was in pain, to traveling across the country, taking off work and taking such thorough care of me. My community is such a blessing and a big part of why I am healing so well.

My week in Oklahoma has been a transition and really great for me and my healing, mostly due to the Russo’s, but also a few other things I thought I’d share as well:

-Several smoothies a day (beautiful greens ones) have been a transition that I made here and my belly seems to like that a lot. In TX I had several really wonderful bone broth soups that my Mother made that were really great, but we ran out when I got here, so smoothies have been wonderful. My favorite ingredients: spinach, kale, banana, parsley, Avocado, strawberries, apples, coconut water, coconut milk, dandelion greens, grapefruit and cranberry – not all these at once but I’ve made some really good ones with different mixes

-Resting. This is new to me, but slowing down, resting more hours of the day the working or running has been good for me. My body reacts when I do to much, I listen, and rest again. Movies, books, writing has been great for me. I enjoyed Despicable Me with the kids. I’m watching an interesting documentary, I AM, right now and I’ve been enjoying reading the Bible and Love Does.

-Walks. Walks are good for me and I am enjoying them. They are peaceful and calming and just what I need right now. Walking is going to be my companion for the next few months and I’m grateful. I can jump up and do it at anytime without having to change, get special sneakers, plan how to get my shower in after or worry about my route. (Truth – I can’t say I really minded these things about running, but for now, I don’t have to worry about them.) I am walking about 4-5 times a day and it feels good. I’m grateful to have my Fitbit to track my increases which was 1,000 steps per day last week to approximately 5,000 steps per day this week. I’ll take it.

I’ve decided to go back to Washington this week, which is exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting for the next step of the journey, but scary 1. to fly across the US by myself and 2. to trust that I can get back into my routine and keep the above in sync. Yesterday at church I heard a wonderful message about having Faith and God with be Faithful, so in this instance I am going to keep reminding myself of that and stay Faith filled that God is continuing to hold my hand and guide this process if I just trust and allow Him to.

I’m grateful to check in and grateful you’re here.

In love and healing,


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  1. Laura says:

    I am so glad things are going well and that your body is healing right on schedule. When I drink my green smoothies in the morning, I think of you! You are doing fabulous with all the walking! I am gradually working up to increasing my walking for the Running For Answers walk next month. Can’t wait to see you.

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