Good Bye, TX…..with love.

I am preparing to leave Dallas this a.m.!  Its crazy to think that 3 weeks here went so quickly.  What a joy it was to be here and have this experience with my family.  I have waited over 4 long years to have a solution like this and I am so grateful.  Not only does my belly feel and look so much better, but so much healing happened here from a spiritual level and with my family.  God has surrounded us with so much love and healing here in TX I am just pray to continue to appreciate that and be aware of it.

I am feeling strong and mostly pain free as I leave here.  To think of the trauma that happened to my body just 3 weeks ago and how well it is responding and healing is really wild.  I have not needed pain meds since I left the hospital and I have been relatively pain free on my walks and movement.  There is soreness and I am certainly being careful – no running, jumping, twisting, quick movements, but I am grateful to be able to walk and get around.  Not lifting things has been hard and I want to lift and pick up, but know that I need to be reserved.  My PT appointment on Friday confirmed no running, biking, swimming for 6 – 9 months during the healing/repair phase.  No twisting or tweaking my body, but I CAN walk, which is very good for me, and I can walk in the pool and I can go to PT and strengthen myself, all of which I will do – and I am excited that I have the awesome areas in VA and DC to do so.

4 years of wondering what the pain was for, why it hurt so bad, what I was doing wrong and if I’d ever be pain free and comfortable again.  It makes me appreciate this healing and respect this healing so much.  I didn’t do so good at that last time – I really pushed to run and be “Sera” again right away.  This time I know I am “being Sera” even in the rest, even in the quiet moments, even in the lack of movement…I can just be, rest, relax and be okay….and THAT is big healing for me!

Off to Oklahoma to rest, relax and laugh with my Sister and her beautiful family.  Another beautiful leg of this journey!

In love and healing,


Last Breakfast at our TX home!  🙂

So grateful for an amazing Dad taking care of me the last week.




  1. Lisa Collins says:

    Yay Sera! I am so glad you are on the mend and on the road, both literally and figuratively! Will you be at RFA?

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