Friends and Family,

Sera is in need of your prayers, positivity, light and love right now. She was taken to the ER last night due to possible dehydration. I have been in contact with my parents as I can’t talk directly to Sera and they both say she is doing as good as the circumstances are allowing her to be. My father said she is making it through emotionally well. She is back in the hospital for tonight. Either her or I will give updates as soon as we can. But for right now please stop and say a prayer, send her love and positive thoughts for her to get through this. Praying that this is only a bump in the road to an amazing new journey for Sera!




  1. Marlene says:

    Sera, your sister has it right- this is JUST A BUMP IN THE ROAD, and this too shall pass and you will be on your way to a bright recovery. Thinking of you, praying for you and sending you positive thoughts and wishes.

  2. Jen Sciore says:

    Sera, my thoughts and prayers are with you! You are strong and I know you will get through this! Messyna, what hospital is she in?

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