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Hey Friends & Family,

I have new, fresh energy today, so I wanted to sign in and write. What a magical week it has been. I am filled so full with such fortune and love, magic and gratitude – so much gratitude. To have found a surgeon like Dr. Hoxworth that does the work he has done, to have a family, a Mother, Father and 2 sisters that love like mine love and to have a community surrounding me like I do brings so much love to my heart and tears to my eyes. I am so blessed. This week has shown me how full my life is and I am grateful.

I can’t remember (really can’t thanks to all the pain meds) where I left all in sharing details with you, so I’ll give ya what I got right now. Big news first I got my IV out today, well kind of, its in now as I am getting some antibiotic, but its out mostly, which means AMEN to me and, to you, it means I don’t walk around with a big pole of fluid attached to me – or really it means I just don’t walk around and have to ask everyone to do everything for me. My stomach is responding pretty well to liquid and food.

Given things keep going as they are, we hope I am going to get out tomorrow!! I’m so grateful to start the next leg of this healing with my family at our TX “home.” One more night at UT southwestern. I really have mixed emotions because such great transformation in my life happened here and so much healing and it kick started a new chapter in my life. Its like I want to stay because its been so powerful and amazing, but its time to keep moving and I’m ready too. I have so much to do so many messages to share.

The final diagnosis as I am not sure that I shared, was that I had a 16 cm hole in my abdominal wall that was created post my last surgery, the mesh that was laid basically herniated, was pulling out of its bindings which only God knows was doing to my belly, and also wrapped under my bowel. Amen to having all that fixed. No wonder I had pain, right?!

MIRACLE news is that we got the old mesh out and 100% closure of the muscle in my belly! Amazing. I really almost can’t write it. God creates miracles and this is proof.

I hope to share pics soon, but cannot figure out how on the iPad. Off to rest and heal for now. I love you for caring enough to read and be here. Thank you.

In love and healing,

Figured it out!:




  1. Samantha Sutton says:

    I am so excited to hear that things are progressing so well, Sera. Oye for the havoc that was going on in your belly with the old mesh, and amen for the angel that God sent you to fix it. Health and vitality await! Thanks for being such an example of faith and love and courage to design it all!

  2. Julie Brown says:

    I am so impressed by your positive outlook and your faith in God throughout the entire surgery process. You are such a role model–an inspiration!

  3. Allison Moraca says:

    Powerful thoughts, Sera. You are wise, you are strong, you are beautiful. Continue to remain positive and committed to healing. I know the road is long, but you’re learning and growing on this journey to be a better, stronger self. Such an inspiration! I appreciate your honestly and sincerity in sharing your story. You are not alone. You are loved by many. My prayers are with you daily.
    Love you lady!

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