Breathe Deep

I had a pretty painful episode when I just woke up a bit ago and instead of sitting in the pain and having a pity party about it, I am writing, letting it out and letting it go. My nurse told me last night that I am most likely going to peak in my pain today and then go downhill from there – I realize I can grimace at the pain or celebrate the down hill that is coming on the other side. Whatever I am going to do, I realize I don’t want to do it alone, so I am reaching out to you and I’m going to design how I’m going to be when pain comes on. I know first and foremost I can get present and realize that I am safe and everything is okay…I can breathe through the pain and I can ask my nurses for help. Keeping my mind calm is over half the battle – panic and what if’s don’t help at all – really they don’t. I can just breathe deep, feel calm and have faith. Overall, this experience has been so wonderful and I know that so many people are praying for me and lifting me with their love and hope. I have had minimal pain for what I endured – it took them a few hours to get pain under control directly after surgery, but once they did I’ve been pretty fortunate since then. Thank God for this miracle of tolerable pain. God has been holding my hand through this entire process just letting me know “he’s got me.” Thats all I keep hearing.

My Mom and Dad deserve special acknowledgment. I am so blessed to have such loving, caring parents that will do anything for me. I just hope that everyone can at one point feel at least half the love that they give. My Dad spent his 61st birthday at my bedside yesterday – please reach out and say happy day if you haven’t yet. And my Mom has sacrificed sleep since Sunday for me…smiling and being so caring each time I wake her up to help me shift my body or take off covers or brush my teeth. Thank you, Mom and Dad. I appreciate you more than I can articulate.

I am drifting to sleep (side effect of pain meds), so I must go for now, but before I leave I promise you and me that when pain comes on I will 1. be present with it 2. have faith that it is here for good reason and is nothing I cannot handle 3. breathe through it – even throwing on my pain imagery music if needed (I did earlier and it worked great)! Heres to another day of healing.

In love and healing,



  1. Sue says:

    You’re doing an incredible job! What a great way to look at the pain, you’re almost on the downhill and that’s fantastic. Been thinking of you every day and hoping that you’re doing well. I wish I had some movies to recommend but I’m so behind the times with that stuff. 🙂
    Thank you for keeping us all updated! By the way, in case I had any doubt before that you’re amazing, you are the ONLY person I know who would describe an involved and painful surgery as “…this experience has been so wonderful!” 🙂
    Love you!

  2. Marlene says:

    Sera, you are an inspiration and we are all routing, thinking, praying, and sending you good thoughts and wishes. You are strong and can get through whatever is sent your way turning it all into a positive experience! You are amazing.
    Love you,

  3. Allison says:

    Hi Love..

    thinking of you.

    Movies to watch….
    How to lose a guy in 10 days
    27 dresses

    Borrow my Hulu plus log in and discover the mindy project! Amazing show that will have you smiling!


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