Feeling The Love

My sister started this blog with the title “Feeling the Love…” so Ill go with it! I am certainly feeling the love. Its 4 a.m. here in TX. I am up with a little low grade fever. I just needed some cool, damp clothes on my neck and some ice water. I am feeling good mostly….my pain is under control and I’ve been able to get up and walk 2x! I am out of ICU, which is wonderful. I just realized there has been no post since I got here – important news is that Dr. Hoxworth got a full closure on my abdominal hole! It was 15 cm! He did have to use some bio-mesh on the underside, but we discussed that prior to going in. More awesome news is I am pretty sure I have a belly button back! Ha. This is great if true, but can’t be 100% yet because the swelling is still pretty bad. Mostly, I feel okay, painful, but I know this is all leading to great places, so I’ll take the temporary pain for long term success.

I’m having trouble typing, so I’m gong for now….I love all the notes, texts,emails, ect. Thanks for that. Can you guys offer movies that you must suggest I see? I have netflicks, but could use some thoughts.

In love and healing,


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  1. Carrie says:

    Yay! I was down that way yesterday morning for my own doc appt. (routine stuff) and they said you were still in ICU, so glad you are out!! Don’t worry I wasn’t going to visit, just checking in:) I will wait to hear from you to see when you are up for a visit! Please let me know if you or your family need anything!
    Continued strength and healing!

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