I’m here!

I’m here! Here in the heat, the sunshine, the love that has been Texas so far. My Mother and I got in late last night and are filled with love and gratitude as we wait for my sister, Dad, and niece and nephew to arrive this morning.

I am filled with joy, calm and ease. Every thing is going smoothly and I am filled with all I need. I feel God’s energy here with me each step and continue to get signs that I have done the work leading here and now its time to let my Faith lead me. This feeling comes in the little things I’ve seen that show me that I am at the right place, right now. Some signs I’ve noticed and wonderful things that are happening that just make me so grateful….:

1. I flew into Dallas LOVE field airport – surrounded by love here
2. My flight to Dallas was the 1982…the year I was born…
3. Our room over looks the pool and basketball courts so even as I am recovering I can come out of my room and watch my little loves swim and play
4. The staff at this hotel is amazing and so accommodating – they are willing to do whatever we need to feel comfortable
5. The Whole foods is only 4.7 miles away 🙂
6. I am close enough for my sister and her family to be here – I never would have thought that could happen
7. I have several desmoid survivors very close to me and coming to visits!
8. I found out that a fellow board member of DTRF is a medical oncologist at UT southwestern that specializing in desmoids – very important
9. India Arie came out with her new cd and the music has been so healing to me
10. I feel confident and I just know. That’s the most important.

Heading to the doc at 1:15. Please send love, healing and wisdom for my family, my doctor and me.

In love and healing,



  1. Laura says:

    Yay Sera! I am so glad things are going so well. We are so exited to meet you. Praying that your appointment goes great! 🙂

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