Healing Tools…

So, I finally went public 🙂 and invited some of you into this little world I have been creating over here of my thoughts, fears, voices and hopes. I’m so grateful for those that visited and the notes/comments you sent my way. Thanks for reading and sharing.

I realized this weekend that I have been saying some things about how I am preparing for surgery, but haven’t shared any real info about what I am doing and I thought it might be nice to share some of my prep work.

Please note that I am not sharing this as health advice for you, your friends or family. All I am sharing is what is working for me now.

The most important things for me right now are keeping my digestion as normal as possible and as comfortable as possible, so I try smoothies, soups and several supplements for this. I am also working to prepare myself for the surgery by increasing protein, minerals, vitamins and iron to promote efficient, healthy and quick repair of my tissues and cells. To do this I am adding supplements, homeopathics and, most important, high quality food into my diet. Fortunately, I always eat whole, local foods, so I haven’t had to change much to do this. I am making sure I get lots of Vitamins A, B, C, zinc and E – some through supplements and a lot through good fruits and veggies. The one conscious change I am making is increasing my protein as I was not getting enough protein to begin with and with the surgery upcoming I needed even more, so enter some increased meat (and trying red meat 1x a week if I can handle) and a few Larabars (first packaged food in my life in a LONG time) and some Vega Performance Protein powder to my shakes. So, far this is okay, but it was a new twist for me. I also have been keeping with amino acids (l-glutamin) which is a great support for my digestion. Very Important – I also am so sure to drink lots of water!

So, as a first in a long time, I’m adding a few pics for you today. My vitamins and homopathics….my high protein lunch today – some fresh ground beef (I never eat beef and had to add red meat today to see how it would fair with my belly), so YES grass fed from my Farmer, with some fresh tomato sauce (was going to try to make it myself, but another Farmer at market told me his tomatoes were too watery for me to try just yet -give it a few weeks, so I bought his homemade) and since I do not eat grains, I put this over sautéed zucchini and spinach with a dollop of goat cheese on top. It was great!! Most important picture is my refrigerator post Farmers Market – lots of squash, greens, beets, onions, mint, oregano, zucchini, eggplant, kale and you’ll also notice some not farmers market goodies – Coconut water for smoothies, bone broth (from previous Farmers Market) for soups, coconut milk for smoothies (good fat) – all = YUM!

Other things I’ve been doing to prepare = since I can’t run 😦 as its too painful and I cannot spin because its too painful, I’ve been walking at least 30 minutes. I also do meditation at least 1 x a day and, of course, make sure I have my prayers (lots of prayers) daily. I’ll share more on this in the future as these tools have been some of the most powerful for me as of now…..but here’s your peak today.

In Love and Healing,







  1. Syna says:

    Sera, I think you are so amazing. You are such an inspiration to me. I am truly inspired by your strength, your determination, and your persistent quest for knowledge and healing. I’m sending you healing prayers today as always. Love you, you know.

  2. chad snyder says:

    I admire your bravery, systematic research, foresight & probably hardest of all, your desire, commitment & resolve to make the choices & changes that YOU perceive to be potentially most beneficial to & for you, NOW & in the foreseeable future. Syna’s right on, you ARE an inspiration to ANYone, ill, infirm or relatively healthy… Its ALL between the ears psychologically, between the mouth & ‘exits’ physically, & right in the HEART spiritually.. I like that you’re so aware of all 3.. You KNOW my positive thoughts, prayers & transmissions are always for you & with you ! We’re always right WITH you…

    love you

  3. Laura says:

    Beautiful pictures! I too use the Vega powder in my green smoothies. 🙂 Everything looks delish! You are amazing and doing everything you can to help your body heal. So proud of you! You inspire me, girl!

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