From June 19: I’ve had the opportunity to travel and be away from the day to day of thinking, feeling and focusing on my stomach and what are next steps. I am in Sweden. Have I thought of my belly – of course. It’s been mostly positive – that I feel this is the right this. Grateful and optimistic that God has brought Dr. H and this healing into my life. I know it will be some pain, but my heart tells me that this temporary pain is worth the long term strength, healing and comfort. Being with my Mother. Listening to her and really hearing her this time has also been very healing and helpful. She loves she cares and she sacrifices.
I’m in pain and exhaustion from walking so much. I understand where it comes from and I let it go. I feel grateful and ready to move forward. My biggest concern right now is waiting 3 weeks when I get back to have the surgery. Do I work out, don’t I? Do I eat full meals or vitamix? Do I relax or get stuff done before I have to rest?
I want to start working on creating a business while I am laid up. I would like to make my website, do some preliminary calls and work while I am resting – is that possible? I think so. I can read and study and do some calls. I think it is great timing….


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