I had such a wonderful day today, sharing beautiful conversations with wonderful people, listening to great inspiration and just feeling filled with love.  It started with a great sermon at church that filled me with hope and ah-ha’s and I hear you and confirmation of just the right things that I needed to hear – I’ll fill you in on all of that when the time is right. 

Most importantly today, I got to share time with 2 dear friends that I won’t name just yet for their own privacy, but they are both very involved with my desmoid journey and I shared with them where I am right now and they confirmed for me some important things I needed to hear.  They helped me see how important my writing and sharing this is not about me, but is about me and how important it is for me to share.  See, one of my fears in writing this blog is that I am feeding my ego and my needs, not doing this to share and be a leader for all that have desmoids – and I hear them say that I can do this and do this with love and compassion and for all the right reasons.  I am writing this because I need you – that’s my truth.  I need your encouragement, your wisdom, your “me too’s”, your keep goings, your I see you, I hear you and even if you want to hide behind a computer today, I’m supporting you, energy.  There are days I want to be with you, I want to connect with you, but I don’t want to sit in it…do you understand what I mean?  I’d rather crawl in my bed, hide and not connect, but really, at my core, I always want to connect with you.  I get my energy off of other people and love hearing from you and speaking with you – its just getting to that point some days that is so hard.  So, I committed today, to keeping this blog up and going, writing through this entire journey – no matter what happens and being vulnerable because I think that is the right thing to do. 

I learned today, or was reminded today, that in the end, we all have so much in common and I don’t want to hide my “in common” any more – and that is a bigger truth then I can articulate today…..a truth, that I’ll let unfold in the coming months….because the truth is, I already know it is.





  1. Lynne says:

    Keep it up, Sera. Like you said- whether it’s a sentence or 3. Touching base here will help you reconnect- if navigating this journey was somehow an art form, you are truly creating a beautiful piece of art. Exquisite.

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