What a difference a week makes.

12.20.09 – end of the best week ever!!

What a difference a week makes – especially this one cozy little week in December – what an amazing week it was.  Following a little bit of a weary week the week before, this past week was just what I needed to end 2009, the most fantastic year of my life, right on target.

The week before last was a little cranky for me.  It was the first week back from a long business trip, followed by my Vegas race – which was all fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but a little tiring.  This tiredness followed by a board meeting at work, a busy schedule for BOMF and just trying to get my apartment and life back on schedule made for a hectic week with a lot of ups and downs.  To top it off, the guys on my BOMF team were acting strange – maybe its the start of the bitter cold, the fact that I was gone for over a week, or just the lingering holiday season  that had them in a funk , but whatever it was I had to pull them out of it.  Then, in typical Sera fashion I threw in a very exciting element to my already fun week – 2 annual doctor check ups – including an MRI.  aHHHhhh.  Talk about scary and having nerves on a wire.  Good news – all this craziness fizzled out to make a fantastic week after 🙂 

First, after a brief, but tough talk with the guys of OBP, they’re back on track, showing up for runs and showing up on time and just back to their amazing selves (it didn’t take much to prompt this because they’re so awesome).  Next, my annual physical went fabulous – all blood work is good – no lingering side effects of the surgery – HUGE.  ANNNNNNDDDDD the best news of all came on Tuesday morning when my surgeon gave me a CLEAN MRI report and a CLEAN bill of health – fantastic.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear, “There is no signs of the desmoid, Sera.”  My heart fluttered, I exhaled a bit and just felt an overwhelming sense of relief.  I guess I should throw into the hectic week before the fact that when I had my MRI done that week and the tech thought it was okay to tell me that “there is definitely something in your stomach…..”  Ugh – really, tech’s in the MRI room should never tell patients ANYTHING.  I was living in fear, for a week before I got the MRI results, of having to decide between another surgery and chemo – completely unfair for the tech to even start me on thinking this.  ANYWAY – it was a good wake up call, again , that life is so fragile and can change at any moment and to enjoy what you have while you have it.  Let me tell you how outstanding my run was the night I got my MRI results 🙂  There were no drinks to celebrate or dinner with friends – it was just me, my ipod and a nice, log run….just what I needed to reflect on the year that was and how far I have come…..bliss.

So, in perfect fashion to end the week that I had  my 1 year clean of Zelda anniversary I found out that I have been voted onto the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundations board of directors!!!!!!  This is so exciting in so many ways – DTRF means so much to me and so much to my future.  Without DTRF I would not have know what the hell I was going through before, during and after my surgery.  Without DTRF I wouldn’t have met the amazing survivors that I have – that I can relate to and feel so connected to.  Now, I feel it is my duty to give back – to help them raise money (a BIG event to come this year – stay tuned) and to help navigate the best research to give our funding dollars to.  What an amazing gift to be on this board – so excited!

So, it is so true, this week that a week makes such a difference . Last year at this time I had just endured my 2nd surgery when my abdominal muscles were removed and a mesh lining was placed in my stomach – painful, very painful.  It was a week that changed my life in so many ways – and now, this same week, a year later – I get a clean check up and elected to the board of directors of the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation.  Outstanding – absolutely amazing.  It’s all about turning lemons into lemonade, right?

Now I am starting to work on my goals for 2010 and they’re BIG because if there is anything this one little week in December 2008 and 2009 taught me, it’s that I can conquer anything that life throws in my way and I’ll do it with poise and determination and a whole lotta support (cause you all are so amazing to me)!

With gratitude,



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