Really….my reality??

S & E

Ethen & I dressin' up and building castles...

I’ve had to pinch myself a few times this month – just to check in and make sure I’m still here, living in my reality – really?  Can it be this amazing?  Yup – sure can and sure is.  Not much has changed on the amazingness front since my last post.  Things in my life are incredible.  Everyday is a gift and really just surprises me at how  much more wonderful my life gets everyday.


I have been twirling around like a spinning top for the past few weeks.  Work has been extremely busy.  I also took over, as I mentioned in the last post, a Team Leader position with Back on My Feet, so this has certainly been taking up a lot of time but I LOVE IT.  I am so fortunate to work with an amazing group of men and incredible volunteers that inspire me every day.  It’s amazing how kind, caring and loving people can be if you just give them the space to be.  The volunteers that are associated with BOMF are just truly amazing people and I am so, so fortunate to have them in my life.  My BOMF team has also had me running a lot more.  Which I love!  I feel back in the running shape that I was a year ago and love getting my 4 -5 runs in a week.  I am also feeling great when I work out at the gym.  My stomach is not feeling the pain that it used to when I worked out – which is great.  I am however still having weird aches that I will have addressed when I go in for my next check up in a few weeks.

So, I am due for my 1 year MRI in the beginning of December – whoa – I can’t believe it has been a year.  Honestly, it seems like a lifetime ago that I found the tumor and went through the surgery.  I have grown by leaps and bounds since the day I found out I had a desmoid.  My life has done a 360 – really – and I have such a different outlook in life.  Quite frankly, I might just be one of the luckiest girls of 2009.  The year started off as a struggle for me, but that was just the start needed to push through to an amazing year.  I can’t even begin to really wrap my head around all the amazing things that have happened for me this year.  Incredible.  I decided to end the year with a bang – just like icing on the cake, I am going to go to Punta Cana to ring in the New Year with my closest girlfriends – perfect!!  What more could you need but sun, sand and firewords to ring in the new year?

I hope to check in a little more frequently till the end of the year….there are so many things I still want to accomplish before 2010.  Here we go….!

With Gratitude,


Syna & Sera

Hanging out with Syna in OK. Love her.


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