I am so exhausted, but I have to write.  I cannot possibly go one more day without bragging about how fabulous my life is right now – really – I must get out just how happy I am.  I have had the most incredible week (a big reason of why I am so tired, but it was so worth it).  I am not even sure what is the best part, but I’ll start with the one that sticks out the most – the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation patient symposium and gala last week – WOW! – what an amazing day.  I knew when I was heading to NY that it was going to be an amazing day, but I didn’t quite know how great it was going to be.  I met such incredible, inspiring people that I am humbled.  I am so over-joyed to have people to lean on, that have been through similar experiences to me – similar fears, similar questions, similar feeling – so incredible.  There were so many frustrating, sad stories that were told at the patient symposium, but the most amazing thing of all was that EVERYONE was so upbeat and optimistic.  It was incredible to feel the courage and determination in the room.   I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people.   I met a group of really beautiful, inspiring ladies that I could have talked to forever!!  I am so excited to meet with them all again and swap even more months of success!!

For my next bit of good news – after leaving NY I came back to Philly to move – so fabulous.  I didn’t go too far, but across the city has proven to be so perfect and needed for me.  I love my new apt, the neighborhood, my roomie and the amazing feeling of starting new.  I am so excited, refreshed and ready to take over the world…:) 

This might just be why I also decided to enroll in health coaching school last week 😉  I am so incredibly excited about this I could not possibly get my excitement to show through on this post.  In February I will start at the Institution of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  I have been throwing around the idea of doing this for quite some time – especially since my surgery, and it has finally become a reality.  I cannot wait to start learning and transforming – perfect!!

I am making such strides lately.  I just feel like I am on a new road of accomplishing everything I want and need right now – it is so exciting and refreshing and inspiring….it just makes me want to check in on my goals again 🙂   So from my previous posts….here is a current check in:

1. Half marathon – I’m leaning towards Vegas – will know by end of week.

2. Lost weight in a 10 day detox – last time I checked it was 5, but will check again tomorrow after re-introducing food for a few days.

3. Helping DTRF – all over it.  Creating a 5k!!!

4. Working out more – did 1 extra workout last week – will get the 2 this week.  Still getting lots of running!

5. MOVE – did it….love it….perfect

6. Certification – I am going to school!!!!!!!!  So excited!!!!

7. Trip with Syna – I will be in OK this weekend!!!!  I still want to take a trip with Syna, but I will at least be seeing her soon!!!

8. Capitalize on passions – ummm – school and BOMF – enough said.

9. Volunteer – I found a place for Thanksgiving.  I need to finalize this.

10.  I am so vulnerable – love it.

Living  a dream over here 🙂

With gratitude,


Desmoid Survivors!!!!

Desmoid Survivors!!!!


End of a beautiful night in front of the Ritz.  DTRF Gala 2009

End of a beautiful night in front of the Ritz. DTRF Gala 2009


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