Checkin’ In


Alright…I’ve been living off the high of PDR for long enough 🙂  Time for me to check in and get back to tracking my progress.  I am happy to report that I haven’t “fallen off the wagon” since PDR – things are continuing to go great for me.  I am still running – possibly even more now that OBP, my amazing back on my feet team, keeps me on my toes 4 times a week 🙂  I need to start running longer distances on the weekends which will be happening as we increase miles at OBP for those running the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  I am also going to be training for my next half marathon of this year – which I think is going to be in Vegas.  I really want to run a half marathon the anniversary weekend of my surgery in December and the Rock -n -Roll Vegas half is that weekend….leaning towards just doing it 🙂  Decision will be final this week.
So, I thought since it has been awhile since I last checked in it would make sense to do a check in on the 10 goals I set a few weeks ago.

1. First things first, as I mentioned above, I will most likely be runing Vegas in December – decision this week, however, the most important thing here right now is that I am still running regularly and feeling great!

2. As for the losing 5 pounds goal – I am on a detox diet right now and I am sure have lost a few pounds – haven’t checked, but feel confident, so I will check in on this next week.

3. I will be going to the DTRF symposium and gala THIS WEEK to discuss a few more ways to get involved for the rest of the year – sooooo excited for this!!!

4. Been going to the gym and doin’ yoga!!  May be changing gyms with the move, so this could be a new, fun update to the workout regime.

5. I’m moving next weekend!!!  WOO HOO!!  Super, super excited about this (not super excited about packing:), but I purged a lot of stuff by donating it to goodwill today – YAY!!

6. Need to figure out the certification – nutrition? health? hmmm?

7. Going to see my sister in 2 weeks!!!!  I am hoping that while I am there we will be able to plan our trip – (really, I hope she can make it to Vegas with me!!!!)

8. Working on the passion thing….ugh – handel group in full effect 🙂  This is a tough one for me to figure out, but we’re getting close.

9. Figuring out the Thanksgiving thing…

10. Still being vulnerable – a little – need to be braver!!!

Glad I reviewed all of that – I am proud of where I am with some of the things, but I need to get to work on a few others!!  Off to get some packing done and some planning for how I am going to accomplish these goals by New Years!!

With gratitude,



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